Tim Priebe

Instant messaging on LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn made some pretty major changes to how messages can work on their platform. Among other things, they added some features that let messages function more like instant messaging, similar to Facebook.

At the bottom right corner of your screen, there’s now a messaging window. While it’s not always fully expanded, you can click on it at any point to pull it up. Then you click someone you’ve recently messaged, or click to create a new message and type in someone’s name.

In addition, new messages will pop up right next to that, although they’re currently minimized by default.

Now that it’s been around for a couple months, I thought I’d ask some of my fellow Pixel Pushers—that’s what we call our team at T&S—for their thoughts.

I took a very scientific poll from everyone I could find in the office one day, and here’s what we all have to say.

Thoughts from the T&S Staff

Tim Priebe

What do they think this is, Facebook? This reminds me of those people who post personal things on LinkedIn rather than business-related posts. It doesn’t belong on LinkedIn, and they should know better. Bad move, LinkedIn.

Keep it or lose it? Lose it!

Leann Priebe

I didn’t know that was a thing. Should I pretend I did? Well, it sounds cool in theory. But at the same time, it seems unprofessional. I think of that as a Facebook feature, not a LinkedIn feature.

Keep it or lose it? Lose it, probably.

Holly Kosec

When will we have the mother of all social networks that has the power of all of them combined? Like the Captain Planet of social networks? I guess the feature is nice for quick conversations between people who are well acquainted.

Keep it or lose it? Keep it.

Sara Graybill

Sara Graybill

I don’t really see this feature as being helpful. This isn’t Facebook, where people go to waste time. So I don’t think it will really get utilized. I feel like the messaging they had before was fine.

Keep it or lose it? Lose it, definitely.

Tuan Pham

I think this makes sense. Instant messaging speeds up the process of networking and building relationships. And that’s what LinkedIn is all about.

Keep it or lose it? Keep it.

Josh Priebe

Dad, seriously? I’m thirteen, I don’t use LinkedIn. I’m on Instagram because all my friends are. And Facebook because you made me sign up.

Keep it or lose it? I don’t care.

And there you have it! Also, note to self: Make Josh sign up for LinkedIn as soon as he’s fourteen.

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