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Stevie the intern is our new Creator of Things!

Stevie has been one of our interns for several months now, and recently, the powers-that-be decided that she should be around even more! (Okay, it was Tim and Leann.)

Her first full-time week was earlier this month, and she has been helping us with everything from website backups, to site updates, to blog writing. We love having her on our team, and thought we’d interview her so you can get to know her too!

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Outperform 51% of LinkedIn members in an afternoon

LinkedIn is a platform where a lot of people feel like they “should” have a presence, but don’t really know what it should look like or what the actual purpose is.

Sound familiar? That’s okay.

LinkedIn is useful if you’re building a professional network, maintaining connections, looking for a job, or want to be seen as an industry expert.

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How to invest money (not time) to increase traffic to your site

Okay, so last week I shared one strategic way to invest time (not money) to increase traffic to your website.

Some organizations have more time than cash as a resource, so time is a solution that makes sense in their worlds. But what if you have the opposite situation?

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Best of PixelTV (a somewhat biased list)

You might be familiar with our PixelTV online video series—or maybe not—but we thought it would be fun to pull out some of the PixelTV videos we’re most proud of and share them with you anyway.

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How to invest time (not money) to increase traffic to your site

A lot of people I talk to are wary about putting a financial investment toward getting traffic to their site, because they’re not sure it will bring them any kind of return on that investment.

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How not to build your audience on YouTube

I’m a huge YouTube fan. I’ll pass many evenings sitting on the couch or lying in bed watching YouTube videos. I subscribe to a number of channels. And that’s because those YouTubers are building their audience the right way.

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Introducing Tuan Pham, videographer extraordinaire

Introducing our new videographer! Okay, okay, he’s not really that new, but we kept him a little under wraps because we wanted to reveal our new video services with a big bang!

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Online video platform options

Hooray for online videos! With the demand for online video only increasing, smart marketers should definitely be considering it as a tool in their digital marketing toolbox. If you decide to use it, part of your strategy is deciding which video platform makes the most sense for you.

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Online videos on a budget

Online videos are great for digital marketing. But they can definitely be more expensive than most other online options. The rule of thumb in the past has been to plan on $1,000 per minute of video!

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But how can you use online video?

As you may or may not know, we officially launched our online video services this week. Who am I kidding—you probably do already know, we’ve been shouting it from every rooftop we could find!

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