Search Engine Optimization


that your website is ranking low in searches, or not receiving enough traffic?


by marketers who promise to do “SEO” without explaining what it is or how they’ll do it?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help your website move up the list of search results on popular search engine sites. Your site will utilize search engine friendly coding, combined with well-researched keywords and key phrases.


Our one-time SEO services can be performed one time only or once per year. They include:

  • White hat techniques
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword review meeting
  • Installation of WordPress SEO plugins
  • Configuration of WordPress SEO plugins
  • Optimization of website text
  • Optimization of images used in site design
  • Optimization of content images


One-time SEO does not provide the same bang for your buck that it did several years back. While one-time SEO can still be beneficial, it’s most effective when combined with ongoing SEO.

For ongoing SEO, we provide whatever combination of local SEO, blogging, social media management, and website management makes sense for your needs and budget.

Local SEO

We can help by setting up your listing on over 50 directories. Then, we can also update those listings on a regular basis. And if you’ve had problems with bad addresses showing up, we can kick it up a level by suppressing some of those listings on a monthly basis.

Become an SEO Superhero


Baffled by confusing online advice on Search Engine Optimization?

Our free ebook, Become an SEO Superhero, gives you a brief, practical overview of Search Engine Optimization with proven tips on how to increase your organization’s ranking.

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