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T&S Online Marketing has been in the industry since 2003, and we see first-hand what approaches are effective for small businesses and nonprofits. While we may or may not be a good fit for your business or nonprofit, we’re happy to talk about ways we might be able to work together.

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What I like about working with T&S is that they're accommodating and innovative. Tim has provided great information and helped me understand what they do, and he helps me think outside the box for ways to reach clients.

The monthly interviews that T&S conducts for blogs are especially helpful--they work around my busy schedule and take the responsibility for online marketing off of my shoulders. It probably wouldn't get done consistently if it was all on me, so I'm very grateful that they get it all taken care of.

It's kind of like the Wild West, the world they work with online. It can be intimidating and even frightening because it changes so fast and there's a lot that's unknown when you're starting out. Because I have the T&S team on my side, though, I don't feel as intimidated anymore. They know what they're doing so I don't have to be afraid about getting in over my head.

I believe that my CPA business is a ministry, and T&S helps me and my team to fulfill our mission as a ministry.

Jay Parks, CPA Jay D. Parks & Associates January 25, 2017

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What exactly is online marketing? Watch this 62-second video, starring T&S owner Tim Priebe, to find out how we define it and how we help our clients accomplish their online marketing goals!

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