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Setting up an email address on your new domain

Email brandIf you own your own domain, you can set up any email address for that domain. If your name is John Doe and you own example.com, you can set up john@example.com, johndoe@example.com, contact@example.com, or anything you want, as long as it ends in your domain name.

If you’re like everyone else, you probably have some email address you’ve already been using for awhile. Two email addresses would just be a hassle. Fortunately, there are options.

  1. You can take your new email address and just set it up so that all those emails forward to your preexisting address. The downside to this is that you’ll still be replying to emails from your old Yahoo, AOL or other email address, instead of the more professional looking address you just purchased.
  2. Email everyone in your address book and let them know you’ve changed email addresses. Keep the old one open for a couple months and go through it every week or so to make sure you’re not missing anything. You may even be able to set it up forward to your new email address, though that depends on the company you were using.
  3. Set up your email client (Outlook or whatever you use) to check both emails. The vast majority of email programs can be set up to check multiple email addresses.

I can’t emphasize how much more professional it is to use your email from your new domain for all business emails. Because of that, I recommend against option one, though I have had clients select that option.

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