Tim Priebe

Check your links

Chain with linksI can’t emphasize enough that you should frequently check all of your links on your website. Both links to other sites and links within your site should be checked. And make sure other people check your links as well. While you should definitely be checking them yourself, chances are good that you’ll miss something. So have another two or three people help you go through the site and look at all the links.

Your links should be checked on a regular basis. For most sites, once every six months or so should be fine. Many things can make a website look unprofessional, and links that don’t work is high up on the list. After all, if you can’t even take care of your own website, what guarantee do customers have that you’ll take care of them?

Want an automated tool to check your links? While I still recommend checking your links manually, many HTML editors like Frontpage and Dreamweaver have this built in. You can also use online tools like the W3C Link Checker.

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