Can you find the mistake? We obviously failed.

JJH Media bad screenshotCase in point. Web is better than print.

Okay, not all the time, but when you find a mistake 10 weeks down the road, website has been launched, and it’s been through the hands of at least half a dozen people, thousands of dollars aren’t poured into correcting the piddly error.

We might suffer a little embarrassment and swallow our pride until the inaccuracy is forgotten, but we don’t waste the time and money that goes into reprinting the project. We simply redesign and/or work our magic in the code and voilà, error fixed.

Of course, print products (business cards, brochures, etc.) can be necessary for a business, but we are a big fan of instant gratification in the web industry. Besides our other 99 reasons to buy a website, the idea of quick and easy fixes is one of our biggest.

I’m guessing you’ve found the mistake in the screenshot above by now, and if not, you make us feel a lot better about ourselves. Check out the new and improved JJH Media.


  1. But spell checking a website build is slightly harder, depending on the program you use. Which reminds me… *runs off to check own website.*

  2. I just found a typo on the bottom of a receipt that went live last week… I’ve been running InSpyder, but it can’t check that… (Worth every penny for that program)

  3. Honestly took me a while to find it! Funny how our brains fill in the letters or even rearrange them to help us read the word… Unfortunately that little auto-correct feature in our brain doesn’t help when we’re spell checking! 🙂

  4. I’m looking forward to the day digital ink/paper replaces standard printed paper – then mistakes will never matter again!

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