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Facebook Audience Blue.fwWhile you probably know you can become a fan (or like, or whatever) T&S on Facebook, you might not know that we require all employees to have a Facebook account as well. Here, just for fun, are some of our more interesting Facebook statuses, with a link to our accounts.

Tim Priebe Neighbor’s kid setting off fireworks at 6am: Extremely annoying, but effective alarm clock.

Leann Bailey Priebe Going crazy. Must eat ice cream….

Emily Spirek Jimmy Johns is playing Little Miss Sunshine music…of course now I want to watch it.

Elyssa Stork Dolinger I’m just grumpy ’cause you drive stupid.

Sean Sanders 40 cop cars lined up in anticipation of post-game Lakers riot. None for E3. Now, which games promote violence?

Adam Booth watching TRON, made in 1982… Epic special effects!!!

Chris Engstrom just got back from working 9am-2am. kinda exhausted right now.

Scott Tribbey What a great day. I do dishes, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, then the once-in-a-century hail storm decides to hit, kill a couple of north windows in the kitchen and living room, and make my car look like craters on the moon. The Village looks like a warzone.

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