New boss, new co-workers, new responsibilities

Scott MaslarStarting a new job can be, well… awkward.

Everything is new.

New boss, new co-workers, new responsibilities.

Then, if youʼre a programmer, thereʼs a plethora of programs to learn and logins to memorize (I have at least three different passwords depending on what Iʼm logging into). Thatʼs not to mention the incredibly maze-ish file systems we get to navigate.

Week one is literally information overload.

Youʼd have to ask Adam and Keith to get an exact time, but Iʼm pretty sure I didnʼt go longer then five minutes without interrupting them to ask a question. Iʼm brand new to all of this and Iʼm trying my best to be a sponge.

Letʼs see, Iʼve worked on maintenance requests, burned launch cdʼs, learned our task system, performed troubleshooting, and edited training videos as well other small tasks during the last five days.

Everything is new, and itʼs testing my brains.

Donʼt think Iʼm complaining though, because the fact that everything is new is the best part.

New opportunities. New experiences. New challenges.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, my nameʼs Scott, and Iʼm new too.


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