A Day in the Life.

tims-deskFor this nerd-tastic blog entry, I thought I’d give a day in the life of Tim Priebe. As with most small business owners, I wear several hats. So in many respects, there is no typical day. I might spend a day doing business building, programming, sales, customer care, community service, Orangite morale building, spending time with the family, or (more likely) a combination of several of those.

For fun, we’ll look at April 20th, 2011. That was the day Josh, my oldest son, turned seven. And, lest I get in trouble, my sister’s birthday as well.

5:30     Woke up, showered and got dressed. Not necessarily in that order.

6:00     Checked email in the home office. Drank some coffee, started to slowly wake up.

6:20    Worked on my Webifiable column for The Business Times of Edmond. Lisa Shearer, my editor, is a slave-driver! Okay, not really.

6:50    Helped Josh finish getting ready for school. Fortunately, he’s old enough to get mostly ready on his own. I let him pick out his own clothes, but Leann doesn’t always like that.

216901_1961985925221_1009873_n-300x2257:10    Headed over to Whataburger for Josh’s birthday breakfast with dad. Eating out for breakfast is our annual tradition. The Whataburger staff let us take a picture with the number seven, since it was Josh’s seventh birthday.

8:10    Dropped Josh off at school. We listened to my iPod playlist titled “Kids and Dad.” It has music by Erick Alexander, the Beatles and others.

8:20    Arrived at the Edmond Chamber’s Morning Mingle at Tinker Federal Credit Union. Myron Pope did a great job presenting the sponsors. Got to chat with Barbe Renz and meet several new people. And Leann (my wife) got to go as well, so that’s always a plus.

9:25    Headed over to Starbucks to meet with Adam Potter, SEO link-builder extraordinaire. He described his process to me, which sounds like the least shady link-building technique I’ve ever heard of. Adam then became my favorite SEO link-builder.

10:30    Went over to Vintage Coffee and read a book on writing. I’m fairly sure it was How to Write & Sell Information for Fun and Profit, by Robert Bly. (Warning: That’s an affiliate link!) I highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to get into how-to writing. I liked the book enough that I’ve already lent it out to someone else.

11:00    Met with Mike Crandall with Sandler Training. Mike is a great guy, and really knows his stuff. We discussed sales, the growth his business was experiencing, and Leadership Edmond.

12:20    Head to the office and prepare for an employee review. Fortunately, we finally have our hiring process down well enough that these are usually a pleasure.

1:30    Sit down with two different employees for their reviews. Mostly praise, with just some minor course corrections.

2:30    Check email for the first time since 6am. Wow, I get a lot of email…

3:20    Work on writing an ebook. I spent another eight hours on it later to finish it up. The ebook, Easy Website Check-up, is available now for free at Webifiable.com by signing up for our email list.

6:30    Trouble-shooting my malfunctioning computer. Turned out it was two things: The router at the office and my hard drive. We replaced both later that week.

8:30    Heading home for dinner and relaxation. I can’t remember for sure what I ate or watched on television, but it was probably blackened fish to eat, and Smallville and Stargate Universe on television.

10:00    Off to bed. In seven hours or so, it will be time to start all over again!

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