20 Awesome Google+ Covers

Over the past few months, thanks to many of Google’s changes that make it more valuable, many businesses have been finding a home on Google+. In April, Google+ introduced cover photos to their personal and business pages.

I decided to follow up on our 27 Fantastic Facebook Cover Photos blog and search Google+ for the best cover photos around. Many of the same concepts that were seen in Facebook covers are still applicable on Google+ covers: multiple thumbnails, one continuous picture, great graphic design, and fantastic photography. The main difference between the cover photos are the two different styles Google lets you choose from: full and scrapbook. Let’s check out some of the best covers around:

Fantastic Photography



Photography appears to be the front-runner when it comes to Google+ covers. Here are some of the best covers featuring photography:

One Continuous Picture



Teavana and LEGO are both great examples of having a continuous photo across the entire cover. Most businesses on Google+ seem to be opting for continuous pictures using the scrapbook setting.

Great Graphic Design



Sometimes simple works best. Check out what these three pages accomplished with simple, efficient graphic design.


    • It seems to be taking a little longer to catch on with some of the bigger businesses, but we’re excited to see all the changes and what people are doing with it!

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