27 Terrific Twitter Designs

A few weeks ago, Twitter rolled out a few awesome changes that improved the way businesses (and people in general) can brand their Twitter pages. Now that the changes have been in place for awhile, it’s time to see what everyone has come up with. As with Facebook and Google+ designs, there are a few different strategies you can take:

Fantastic Photography



Photography is, once again, one of the front-runners for branding choices. Here are some other excellent uses of photography:

One Continuous Picture



Lining the profile and header images for Twitter has proven to be a little more difficult than it is for Facebook or Google+. When uploading a header image, you have to nudge the image just so in order to make it line up. It unfortunately does not line up automatically, even if you use the correct dimensions.

Great Graphic Design



A classic strategy for company branding on social media is, of course, great graphic design. Typography, custom illustrations, and other creative elements can really set your company’s page apart.

Simple and Clean



Sometimes you don’t need much more than your company’s colors, and a simple logo. These guys know how to make a good, clean design work.

Check out the gallery below to see a snapshot of all the featured Twitter designs.


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