OOMPHcast #1: Kyle Golding – Know your market and audience

For the inaugural episode of OOMPHcast, I’ve interviewed Kyle Golding with The Golding Group. His company is a strategic planning, positioning, and branding agency with an office in Oklahoma City. They specialize in businesses and nonprofits focused on growth and longevity. Kyle shares some great information from his years of experience, including information specific to nonprofits, and the importance of knowing your market and audience when marketing online.

Oh, and Kyle also mentions why he got kicked out of a band, and under what circumstances he will slap me.

Connect with Kyle & The Golding Group

You can connect with Kyle and his company in the following places online:

And if you’re reading these notes before Friday, April 11th, you can meet Kyle in person at The Golding Group’s open house. 1219 N. Classen in Oklahoma City. They’ll have art in their art gallery, and show off their new space, including available spaces for lease.

Downloadable Resource

Download our resource for this episode, a worksheet for defining your target market.

Target Market Worksheet

See you next time, and keep on marketing, Oklahoma!


  1. Congratulations on your new OK marketing podcast. I hope it is very successful. I especially appreciated Kyle’s comments about having a clear market position. couldn’t agree more –you should not try to be all things to all people. I run across this a lot in community banking. “We serve everyone in our markets.” I think that creates a milk toast approach to marketing that ends up saying nothing and creates a sea of sameness. You need to differentiate (one of my fave words, too, Kyle) your company in the markets where you do business. I like to ask, how are you different? What do you do better than anyone else? What do you need to work on to own that market position? That should help you define your market focus. One other comment that really stood out: Kyle mentioned that you have to be careful about what you retweet and who you are retweeting as that can reflect on your org/biz. That is a good reminder that often gets overlooked when social media folks are trying to create a volume of tweets on Twitter. Retweets can help or hurt you.

  2. Very well done podcast. I’m not in marketing at all (I’m IT back-end developer) and I understood this. Great advice about “everyone doesn’t have to be your client.” Love the honesty in “you’ll fail if you’re everyone’s friend.” The co-working, collaboration is an awesome trend that’s finally taking off in Oklahoma; blending skill sets in an incubator to get the best results. Excellent advice about “free” is not free.

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