OOMPHcast #11: Jill Castilla – Citizens Bank of Edmond

My guest for episode 11 of OOMPHcast was Jill Castilla, President & CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond. Jill shared how looking at social media as conversations has helped, why Twitter is her social media platform of choice, and the story of how Citizens Bank accidentally ended up on YouTube.

Connect with Jill & Citizens Bank of Edmond

You can connect with Jill and her company in the following places:

Downloadable Resource

This episode’s downloadable resource is a Twitter Terminology whitepaper.

Twitter Terminology

See you next time, and keep on marketing, Oklahoma!


  1. It’s so cool to be exposed to Jill’s social media acumen both in a forum such as this but also working under her leadership. I can attest to her authenticity in the message she shares and she is consistent in her outreach to support our local community and give back to those who are contributing to Citizens success. I definitely have learned from Jill that there is more benefit & good will gained from being on social media than harm.

    • Jill definitely does a great job of utilizing social media the best way possible, to form relationships rather than just trying to sell all the time. Thanks for sharing, Janice!

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