LinkedIn business marketing ideas

LinkedIn-IdeasWhile LinkedIn has very robust profiles, their Company Pages are a little more limited. As a result, it can often be a challenge for business owners, marketers, and nonprofits to integrate their organization’s marketing into LinkedIn.

Here are some straight forward tips for integrating your organization’s marketing with your LinkedIn presence.

Add Downloadable Resources

If your organization created downloadable resources like ebooks or whitepapers to build credibility or build your email list, those can be shared on LinkedIn, and linked to.

Staff Profiles: Share as either Projects or Publications, whichever you’re most comfortable with. If you’d like a thumbnail to display, you can show it as media in your summary.

Company Page: Share it as a link in an update to your business’s page.

List Publications

Has your organization been featured in a publication? Especially one that published the article online? Share that on LinkedIn.

Staff Profiles: Share in the Publications section for any staff that were mentioned or pictured in the article. If it’s something your team actually published, be sure that all staff involved put it in their Publications section.

Company Page: Share it as a link in an update to your business’s page.

Configure HootSuite

To make the most of LinkedIn, be sure to share updates on a regular basis. This should be both content generated by your organization, as well as industry news your prospects and clients would benefit from knowing.


By configuring HootSuite, you can take advantage of their scheduling options, so you don’t have to worry about posting updates on a regular basis, you just have to schedule them on a weekly or monthly basis.

Staff Profiles: HootSuite can be linked to individual profiles, and it may make sense for your CEO and VPs to be set up in one account if one individual or organization is managing all the updates for them.

Company Page: Fortunately, LinkedIn will work for both Company Pages and Showcase Pages as well. (Showcase pages are essentially sub-pages of your Company Page.)

bitlyLink to LinkedIn

Once you’ve configured HootSuite and are actively sharing updates on LinkedIn, you should link to it so people can find you more easily.

To be able to track how many clicks you’re getting on your LinkedIn links, is a great tool. They will shorten your link, make it look like an official LinkedIn link using the domain, and will track how many people click on your link.

Staff Profiles: Encourage your staff to make a link to their profile on and include that in their email signature, with a note that says something like this:

Connect with me on LinkedIn:

Company Page: Although your staff can certainly include a link to your Company Page in their email signature if it’s a priority, definitely include the link on your website, in any email newsletter, and on any other social media site your organization has a presence on.

Taking advantage of any one of these tips will put you well ahead of many organizations that aren’t using LinkedIn for marketing at all. Why wait? Get started today!

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