OOMPHcast #33: Ryan Welton – How Love’s Uses Online and Traditional Marketing For Growth Success

In episode 33 of OOMPHcast, Tim is joined by Ryan Welton, External Communications Manager for Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores. Pulling from his background in offline traditional media and infusing it with his knowledge of today’s online marketing world, Ryan shares a unique insight into the world of marketing. Ryan discusses the importance of using proper SEO tactics that search engines will reward, and how even a mistake of omission can still be a costly mistake.

Ryan has been in the marketing world a long time, and has seen a lot of great marketing strategies and a lot of failed strategies. Love’s has found a lot of success with its blog, and Ryan shares how they have achieved that success. He also gives some great advice for those in a corporate environment who are finding it difficult to convince the company that a blog is a worthwhile endeavor.

Ryan closes out the episode with answering one of Tim’s usual questions about how to best spend 1 hour a week on marketing. Ryan offers a suggestion that will allow you to define a clear starting point, and then follow that starting point to a point where it snowballs into some very tangible and trackable results.

In This Episode

1:20- Introduction and background on Ryan.
4:09- What are the SEO platforms that Ryan and Love’s use?
5:08- What are social signals and how are they used?
5:30- What tools does Love’s use to help track their online marketing impact?
6:08- What process does Love’s use for SEO?
9:56- What tactics has Love’s used that have failed?
13:14- What are some strategies that have succeeded for Love’s?
17:17- What other companies or individuals does Ryan think are doing a great job with online marketing?
20:35- What has Love’s been able to accomplish with its blog?
22:54- Ryan shares his advice for those trying to convince a corporate entity that a blog is beneficial to the company.
24:27- If Ryan had just 1 hour a week to spend on SEO, what would he focus on?

Connect with Ryan and Love’s

You can connect with Ryan and Love’s in the following places:

Thank you for listening to the show. See you next time, and keep on marketing, Oklahoma!

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