Case Study: Sandler Training of Oklahoma

Mike CrandallIn many ways, the story is familiar. Mike Crandall, the owner of Sandler Training of Oklahoma, was trying to be a one man army when it came to his company’s digital presence. He struggled to manage all of the company’s social media accounts, newsletter and blog. Things weren’t going well.

Sound familiar? Let’s look at the issues that caused, and how we helped (and still help) Mike’s organization.


Simply put, Sandler wasn’t getting the type of online reach that the organization could. Mike readily admits that social profiles were not very consistent either in their look or in their content creation. Some weeks there would be six Facebook posts. In others, there’d be none.

In terms of content, Mike was having difficulty turning the company’s literature into internet-friendly material. Sandler had plenty of books with excellent business advice and information, but he didn’t have the time to put it all into blog-sized chunks.

In terms of a weekly newsletter, Mike was navigating a platform that wasn’t user friendly while trying to figure out what kind of content to distribute every week. The results was a newsletter that started out weekly but became inconsistent.

Mike shared, “I was doing all of my online marketing myself. I set up our Facebook Page, our Twitter account, and our other online marketing platforms. I occasionally posted things. I attempted to have a weekly newsletter. It was a huge pain! It would always fall to the bottom of my to do list. Being consistent and making it all look good was a huge issue.”

“I struggled with three different things,” Mike continued. “One, how do I come up with the content? Two, how do I come up with a format that’s easy to use? Three, how do I come up with the time and energy to put it all together?”

Meeting T&S owner Tim Priebe and hiring T&S to manage his organization’s online presence changed everything for Mike.


Mike knew that his digital presence wasn’t necessarily something that generated heaps of revenue at the end of the day, but he knew it was important to manage it and hired T&S to make Sandler Training of Oklahoma more visible online.

We started with what would turn out to be the most important step – learning everything possible about the business. Later Mike would go on to say that one of the most valuable assets that he saw in T&S was that we knew so much about his business that eventually he could depend on us to make decisions for him on whether or not an online strategy would be useful.

Instead of having a here-and-there method of getting content out, T&S created a schedule of regularly created and posted content across all of the important social channels that Mike had been struggling to manage on his own. The newsletter was sent out weekly with helpful information targeted at the customers who were on the e-mail list.

T&S became Sandler Training of Oklahoma’s digital wing. We expanded beyond just creating and posting content to consulting on other marketing efforts such as video creation and aligning the company’s content strategy to promotional events underway.

Mike shared, “Having T&S take care of our social media, our newsletter, our blog, and our entire online presence alleviated pressure on me and freed up time. It let me focus on the things that are more core to our business. It also created consistency. Not just in frequency of updates and content, but also in look and feel.”

Today, T&S makes sure that Mike Crandall doesn’t have to worry about whether or not anybody can find Sandler online. In fact, he’s happy in knowing that no matter what changes in digital marketing, we’ll be adapting his digital presence efforts to make sure that Sandler Training of Oklahoma is always where its customers need it to be.

“It’s great to have someone else stay up on the latest trends,” Mike said. “Not just from an information standpoint, but also from a technology standpoint. Because T&S manages it all for me, they can see the trends and make modifications and suggestions far faster than I ever could.”

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