Stevie the intern is our new Creator of Things!

Stevie has been one of our interns for several months now, and recently, the powers-that-be decided that she should be around even more! (Okay, it was Tim and Leann.)

Her first full-time week was earlier this month, and she has been helping us with everything from website backups, to site updates, to blog writing. We love having her on our team, and thought we’d interview her so you can get to know her too!

Lauren: Stevie, remind me what you did in school?

Stevie: Um, classes? Oh, you mean my major! I studied Public Relations and Advertising. Originally, I was going to do Journalism, and I actually worked for OC’s student newspaper (The Talon) for a couple of semesters, but it wasn’t for me.

They’ve added new tracks in the Department of Communication, so I probably would have chosen to have an Event Planning specialty if they had it when I started. But I did take a class on event planning and really enjoyed it.

Lauren: Why did you choose Public Relations and Advertising?

Stevie: I know I wanted to work with people, which is why I was in the Department of Communication at all. But after my journalism internship, I realized that journalists don’t actually get to talk as in-depth with people as I wanted to, so I decided that wasn’t the right direction for me.

Lauren: So what did you like about your program?

Stevie: I really liked being able to try a lot of different things in school. I got to take a class on management, which I think is a very cool part of business. During my Event Planning class, I got to learn from real-life event planners, and one local nonprofit leader talked with us about their annual fundraiser.

Lauren: Wait, didn’t you do some event planning for your sorority, too?

Stevie: Yeah, that was part of my job as Vice President. I was VP of Iota Kappa Phi, which is a social club at OC that’s focused on philanthropy. So I planned our fall and spring banquets during my last year at school. I really liked being available for the other girls if they had questions or issues they wanted to talk about, but I have to say, planning an event for that many people is a challenge!

Lauren: This might sound like a weird question, but what kind of a nerd are you? It’s kind of important around here.

Stevie: Huh, well, I mean, I like Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, all the normal ones….I got some new laptop stickers recently, should I tell you about those?

Lauren: Definitely.

Stevie: Okay, so I bought a SpongeBob one, from the Bubble Bowl. I also got a couple of Harry Potter ones, of course—one that says “Mischief Managed” and one that’s for Platform 9 and 3/4. I also have one for Supernatural and one for iZombie.

Is this all going on our blog?

Lauren: Don’t worry about it. Okay, last question: what’s something you’re passionate about?

Stevie: Oh, definitely shelter animals. So many of them just need a home and a second chance. It can be especially difficult if they’re a senior dog, because you don’t know how long they have left, but it’s such a good thing to be able to give them a good home. If you can foster or adopt a shelter dog, please do it!

Lauren: I’m going to avoid sharing a picture of my dog because that’s somewhat irrelevant here, but believe me, she’s really cute. Thanks for being a good sport, Stevie!

If you have any questions for Stevie, let us know in the comments!

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