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Which type of Facebook Page should I create?

I love Facebook. And plenty of our clients have a Facebook Page for their business or nonprofit. But if you’re creating a Facebook Page yourself, you may get stuck on the very first step of the process when it asks you to choose your page type.

So how do you know which type of Facebook Page you should create? Let’s find out!

Facebook business page types

Here are the types you can currently choose from:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Note that the type you pick and then the category you pick may impact the capabilities of your page. Be sure to pick the closest page type and category you can, but there are general options available for categories as well.

Also, you can switch later if you don’t like the one you pick initially.

Local Business or Place

Want to make it easy for people to find and get to your physical location? This is the type of page for you.

If you start down this path, Facebook will ask for your organization name, category, address, and phone number.

Company, Organization or Institution

Not worried about people being able to find your physical location? Have multiple locations? Running an ecommerce business? This is the type of page for you.

This type is primarily for organizations with more than one location. If you click here, it initially asks you to pick a pre-set category and enter your company name.

Brand or Product

Have a line of products carried by others? Or maybe multiple lines of products? Then this is the right type of page for you.

When you start out, this type has you pick a category, then enter your brand or product name.

This type does not allow you to enter information related to a physical location. It does let you link to a website, have ratings and reviews, and have basic contact info.

Artist, Band or Public Figure

Need to promote yourself as an individual but professionally? Or maybe you’re an artist or in a band? This is the type of page you should go with.

This type has you start out by picking a category then entering in your name.


Run a YouTube channel or television show? Want a page for your book or magazine? Have a fictional character or movie you want a page for? Then this is the type of page for you.

This page type has you start out picking your category and name.

Cause or Community

Have a cause you’re personally passionate about? Are you involved in a real world or digital community that is not associated with an organization? Then this is the page type you should go with.

This type of Facebook Page is actually not for nonprofit organizations. If you want a page for your nonprofit organization, you should look under Local Business or Place or under Company, Organization or Institution.

This page type has you start out by simply entering in your cause or community name.

Don’t stress out!

Again, don’t let the options stress you out! If you pick a type, then don’t like that type later, you can always come back and switch it.


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