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Coming up with blog topic ideas

You may already know that blogging is a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge as a subject-matter expert. It’s also an excellent tool for SEO, keeping your clients up-to-date, and engaging your audience in a way that builds trust and rapport!

But how do you come up with new and fresh blog topic ideas to fill your content calendar? Many business owners and marketers run into a mental block when it comes time to write, and they struggle to create fresh topics on a regular basis.

If you’re ready to transform all that blank canvas into magical content that will attract new readers, engage your audience, and ultimately convert into new business, here are three tips for coming up with blog topics.

1. Ask your reader what they want

Simple enough, right? Getting content ideas from your community may seem like a no-brainer, but it does require a certain degree of finesse to gather their ideas.

To get started, consider the needs and wants of your audience. What do your customers need help with? Ask them the next time you’re engaging with them on social media, in an email survey, or at your next in-person meeting.

If your company works closely with a sales team, ask your reps what they think your consumer needs or wants to know about your products or services. Similarly, if your company has a customer support team, ask them about your client’s biggest pains.

2. Reinvent your past popular blog posts

If you wrote an amazing blog last year that got impressive engagement, repurpose it! Read through any comments and look at questions, opinions, and ideas to see if it inspires a new direction. You can also expand on short lists, dive deeper into developing your ideas, or refresh it all together.

3. Look at what others are writing about

Google is your friend! Surf the net for topic ideas and be sure to check out other blogs by organizations and individuals in your industry or area to see what topics they’re writing about! You will most certainly find some inspiration while reading other posts.

Still need some ideas to get you started? A few of my favorite topic ideas that can work for almost any organization are how to guides, Q&A formats, commentary on hot topics and trends, guest interviews, sharing relevant stories, and general updates. When picking topics, consider your audience and what will most interest and benefit them.

Don’t forget to get the most mileage out of each blog by implementing a strong promotional strategy and cross-sharing to your social platforms, website, and newsletter.

Want more ideas for coming up with blog topics? Be sure to check out Blog a Week by our Pretty Cool Boss Man, Tim Priebe.


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