Case Study: TeamLogic IT of OKC

Partially because of Tim’s previous life as a programmer, we’ve worked with multiple IT clients over the years. One such client even referred us to their clients before working with us themselves.

Davis Merrey at TeamLogic IT trusted our team enough to refer business to us and eventually had us help his organization as well. Let’s look at what issues he faced and how we helped (and continue to help) Davis’s organization.


Davis and his team had a website provided by their corporate organization. He was even working with another digital marketing company on his SEO. When Tim and Davis met through a class at Sandler Training, Davis quickly respected Tim as an expert. Naturally, the feeling was mutual.

Davis felt that he was missing the boat on communicating with prospects. He believed they should inform and educate them about technology, what’s changing, and make it apparent to them when they should be doing things they weren’t doing.

They had spent money on Google Ads and weren’t sure why it wasn’t working. Davis didn’t know if they should continue to invest their marketing dollars in Google Ads.

Davis also felt like they weren’t utilizing social media well. He believed there could be a benefit to building credibility about their knowledge and capabilities, as well as adding value for existing clients.


Davis and his team had worked to define their ideal prospect and target audience well, and our team was able to advise them where to invest their marketing dollars based on that information.

Immediately we started by having them eliminate their Google Ads, as it wasn’t bringing them any clients. In their situation, marketing to existing prospects and clients would likely have better ROI.

Next, we started an email newsletter with their current clients and prospects as the recipients. We began emailing decision makers twice a month with educational information, adding value to existing clients and keeping them top of mind with all subscribers.

Soon after, we began a blog. We had two goals: first, to turn into email newsletter content, and second, to increase traffic from their target audience through search engines. We perform ongoing search research to determine topics, interviewing TeamLogic IT’s expert staff to help us answer the web’s most asked questions related to IT.

As time went on, we became TeamLogic IT’s marketing department. We have assisted with everything from testimonial video production to email signature best practices. We help manage their corporate-provided website and even interface with their corporate office when needed.

Davis shared, “T&S manages our Internet marketing activities. They created a system and content for us that consistently results in high quality requests for consultation via our website, telephone, and email.”

Davis likes working with our team because our process requires very little on their end and results in effortless consistency across all of their marketing. Davis shared, “Their process is seamless and requires little, if any, effort on our part. Just what we asked for!”

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