Case Study: Harding School of Theology

Some people who spend eight years in college end up with a couple of degrees. I ended up with just one from eight years at Oklahoma Christian University, a BS in computer science. That’s served me well in the technical side of digital marketing.

As a result of all that time spent in school, I became a fan of educational institutions. We’ve provided many students with paid internships over the years and worked with several universities in various capacities.

Over a decade ago, we began working with one university that’s not local, Harding. Specifically, we started a relationship with the Harding School of Theology in Memphis, Tennessee. We’ve now helped them with multiple iterations of their website and worked with two different points of contact.


In July of 2008, I sat down with Assistant Vice President Mark Parker at what was then known as the Harding University Graduate School of Religion.

Initially, Mark just needed help maintaining their website. Eventually, they had us help with the creation of a new website, then several years later another new website.

In all of those situations, there were multiple stakeholders, including staff and board members. In addition, there were three primary target audiences, prospective students coming out of an undergrad program, people in their thirties who had been in ministry for a while, and people in their fifties and sixties making a career change.

As is often the case with larger nonprofits, universities in particular, there was a lot of content needed on the website. That content needed to be well organized, available in just one or two clicks.

Finally, there were some interactive elements needed, some of which were provided by third-party sources.


We began working with Mark Parker to maintain their website in 2008. In 2011, we launched a new website. In late 2011, Matt Carter—the new director of admissions—became our main point of contact.

We worked with Matt to continue to maintain the new website. In 2013, we launched a mobile version of their website. Then, in 2017, Matt engaged us once again for web design services to create a new version of the website. We also provided help with SEO and social media.

We’ve also helped integrate interactive elements to the various iterations of their website. Occasionally, that was functionality we built into the website. Other times, we helped install and troubleshoot third-party services.

Over the years, we’ve continued to support the university and its website, offering our expert advice on incorporating new technologies, satisfying the various stakeholders, and appealing to the multiple target markets.

Mark Parker, our initial contact, enjoyed the years we worked together. “Tim takes a genuine interest in his clients,” he shared, “and works to make sure the job is well done.”

If sticking with us for over ten years wasn’t enough, Matt Carter said, “I’ve had a great experience working with T&S. I’ve found them to be creative, competent, and professional. We’re happy with the work, but also with the responsive customer services to help when we’ve needed to ask questions or make changes.”

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