Case study: Beautiful Dream Society

We have worked with many nonprofits, each with its individual story and mission. In 2021, we gained a client whose mission means a lot to us, Beautiful Dream Society.

Beautiful Dream Society (BDS) is a nonprofit organization that strives to lead the fight in Lesotho against human trafficking by providing prevention, protection, and rehabilitation programs. Not only do we support their mission, but they have been a great client to work with.

Jennifer Crow, the founder of BDS, started working with Sandler Training of Oklahoma in 2020. Long-time clients of Sandler ourselves, that’s how we met her.


Jennifer reached out and explained that Beautiful Dream Society needed help managing its website and creating content. Our team was very eager to work with BDS! 

Jennifer’s ultimate goal was to make Beautiful Dream Society more well-known and educate and inform people about human trafficking. Of course, nonprofit organizations need donations to achieve their goals, so increasing donations was also crucial.

We first met with her in late 2020 to discuss what content she needed help with. Because she wanted people to be more familiar with Beautiful Dream Society, she needed organized and consistent content on her website and throughout BDS’ social platforms. They were occasionally posting, but there was no digital strategy in place.

At this time, Beautiful Dream Society’s website was being managed by two different individuals. One of those was moving on. BDS needed one website manager who was reliable, consistent, and knowledgeable.


We began working with Beautiful Dream Society, creating a digital marketing strategy to help achieve its goals. We have been consistently creating and posting social media and blog content for BDS, sending out email newsletters each month, and managing the website in the past year. Jennifer has been pleased!

“I was really pleased with the way we work together. It really helped our nonprofit, Beautiful Dream Society. Our donations increased; our capacity increased. There’s no way to directly tie that back to just our marketing, but we certainly had a better year than we had before our first year working with T&S. I’m thrilled!” said Jennifer.

Although website management and content creation were at the top of the to-do list, we have assisted BDS with other projects as well, including graphic design and print work for its most recent fundraiser, One Beautiful Evening. 

We continue working with Beautiful Dream Society, always planning for what’s ahead and how we can continue to help the nonprofit achieve its goals. It’s an honor working with BDS and its founder Jennifer Crow. We are excited to continue this journey and help BDS accomplish even more in the future!

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