A day in the life of a digital marketer

Instead of writing a typical blog about social media and blogging, I’ve decided to share what my day-to-day work life looks like. 

For those who don’t know, I’m a digital marketing coordinator, which essentially means I write different types of content (social media, blogs, newsletters, etc.), schedule content, communicate with clients, and a lot more. 

The industries I write for range anywhere from roofing to technology to different types of nonprofit organizations. What I love most about this is that I retain a lot of random information from multiple industries.

Follow along with me while I track a Tuesday from a recent week!

Typically, I attend a Sandler Training class at 7:30 AM on Tuesdays, but in the week I’m using as an example, there was no class.

7:15 PM

Wake up without hitting snooze (hurray!), then got ready for the day, fed my cats, and headed off to Starbucks.

8:50 PM

Get to work and sat in the car to finish listening to my song. Anyone else do this? Then, I grabbed my three million bags, coffee, and my purse, and scurried into the office from the cold.

9:00 PM

Turn my space heater on (I do this every single day, even when it’s warm outside), plugged in my laptop, and checked my email.

9:30 PM

Log into T&S social media, view notifications, respond to comments, and engage with followers.

10:00 PM

Work on T&S content, including this blog! I also heated up my breakfast bowl and ate it while working.

12:00 PM

I work hybrid on Tuesdays, so I headed home for lunch and the remainder of my day, and then made some last-minute client edits.

12:30 PM

Ate a sandwich and a package of moon cheese. If you haven’t tried moon cheese, you are seriously missing out. I also responded to a few emails during this time.

1:00 PM

Counseling time! No shame.

2:00 PM

I have monthly content meetings with clients, and today, I had a meeting with Andrew Gasper at Palladium Roofing.

3:00 PM

Get started on social media images. I write the social media text that goes with each graphic, then send it over to our designer.

4:00 PM

Head over to the chiropractor because I have the back of a 90-year-old woman. My body felt immediately better.

4:40 PM

Arrive back home and started working on social media images again.

5:45 PM

Ate a yogurt and got ready for the gym.

7:00 PM

Get home from the gym, check email again, and look at tomorrow’s to-do list to mentally prepare. Adjust accordingly.

7:30 PM

Work day is over! Time for dinner. Okay, bye!

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