Case study: Land Enterprises Roofing

Land Enterprises Roofing is a roofing company that has been in business in Oklahoma City since Brian Land started it in 1986. Back in 2009, they came to us for help with their digital marketing, and we have been working with them ever since. Let’s look at some of the work we have done together.

Starting with web design

In 2009, Brian and Kirsten’s business coach recommended that they work with a professional digital marketing agency to help improve their online presence. Brian and Kirsten Land were both believers in hiring qualified professionals to help in areas they weren’t experts in. Their coach introduced us to them, and we have worked together ever since.

Since we were primarily a web design agency back in 2009, that’s where we started working with them. In the years since, we’ve built several iterations of their website, launching the most recent version in 2019. We’ve also helped them with their SEO, blogging regularly, helping with local SEO, and generally making it easier for people to find them online.

Growing together over the years

As we expanded our digital marketing services over the years, our work together grew as well. We’ve helped the team at Land create content and build up their presence in several areas. We’ve strengthened their social presence, posting consistently and helping engage their followers online. We’ve also helped them utilize email marketing with a targeted list of local customers and strategic partners.

We’ve also helped them with many print projects over the years through our graphic design services. We’ve helped them with business cards, postcards, door hangers, flyers, and more. Although they had another company design their logo before working with us, we even created a style guide for them to start using their logo and brand consistently.

We’ve even helped with their strategic planning, putting together an overarching marketing plan they then had us help them execute.

What Kirsten had to say

When asked how she liked working with us, Kirsten shared the following.

“We’ve been using T&S for our online marketing for years and we keep using them because we like who they are as a business and as people. They’re happy to explain why something will or won’t be helpful, and they help us maintain an active online presence.”

She continued, “We’ve worked with the T&S team for our website, blogs, newsletter, and ongoing social media. They’re proactive and they help us think up content that would be useful for our clients. Best of all, they make sure that our online presence is good to go so we can focus on running our business!”

Building relationships, not just a client base

Working together on retainer for more than a decade has allowed us to make adjustments along the way as both the digital landscape and their business have changed and grown. And when Brian passed away unexpectedly in 2019, we even helped them communicate the situation with customers.

Land Enterprises Roofing is more than just a client. They’re a valued strategic partner, and their team has even become friends. Our relationship has spanned over a decade, and we’ve really enjoyed working with them.

If you want help with anything from web design to a marketing plan to social media to logo and branding, we would love to talk. Feel free to reach out to us today!

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