Awesome Articles by Jackie Bell

How nonprofits can use Google

One of the things I enjoy about working here at T&S is that we work with a lot of nonprofits. One way we help nonprofits is by letting them know some of the services Google has that they may want to take advantage of, often with special nonprofit pricing. Here are a few of the most common ways nonprofits can use Google.

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Premier WordPress Web Designer award

Here at T&S Online Marketing, we are dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofit organizations with their websites, online presences, search engine optimization, and more. We have had local recognition for years, and now, we have been getting recognized on a national basis. One of the platforms we use on a regular basis is WordPress, and recently, we have been awarded the Premier WordPress Web Designer Award. We are very honored!

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The most popular content on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites that allows you to share photos, stories, and videos with other users. It showcases a lot of diverse content to fit everyone’s interests, and is worth considering for your organization’s marketing. Different types of content tend to be more popular than others. Let’s look at what they are so you can apply them to your organization’s Instagram account!

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