Awesome Articles by Jackie Bell

Case Study: Working with other agencies

When I started at T&S last year, I knew we helped companies and nonprofits with their digital marketing needs. What I didn’t realize is that we also work with other agencies, helping them as well.

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Is Mailchimp any good?

If you use email marketing, there’s a likely chance that you’ve heard of Mailchimp—maybe you’re currently using it. We at T&S are big fans of Mailchimp, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

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Mobile-friendly website examples

Have you ever clicked on a website from your phone and notice that half of the text is cut off? Photos are all over the place? It’s stressful and a bad user experience!

When creating a website, you should always have the term “mobile-friendly” in the back of your mind. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, people who browse the internet on their cell phones will have issues when trying to view your site.

Let’s look at why that matters, some tips you can use, and finally some examples of well-designed mobile websites.

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4 Instagram accounts you should follow

I’m a big fan of Instagram. Most of us here are. Instagram has grown a lot over the past few years—showing no signs of slowing down—and that growth means it’s worth considering as a marketing platform for your business or nonprofit.

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T&S employee benefits we love

Most people turn to retail or the food industry for their first job. I worked in retail for about six years, and none of them offered great benefits. I lived paycheck to paycheck, worked 50 hours a week between two different jobs, and almost never had holidays off. I didn’t have time to live. T&S Online Marketing has changed that, and here’s how.

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9 lessons from BANGS Shoes on Instagram

Whether you’re marketing for a business or nonprofit, most organizations can benefit from a social media presence. Generally speaking, both Facebook and Instagram are good options. But when it comes to engaging, visual content, Instagram is going to be more beneficial.

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How nonprofits can use Google

One of the things I enjoy about working here at T&S is that we work with a lot of nonprofits. One way we help nonprofits is by letting them know some of the services Google has that they may want to take advantage of, often with special nonprofit pricing. Here are a few of the most common ways nonprofits can use Google.

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Premier WordPress Web Designer award

Here at T&S Online Marketing, we are dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofit organizations with their websites, online presences, search engine optimization, and more. We have had local recognition for years, and now, we have been getting recognized on a national basis. One of the platforms we use on a regular basis is WordPress, and recently, we have been awarded the Premier WordPress Web Designer Award. We are very honored!

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The most popular content on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites that allows you to share photos, stories, and videos with other users. It showcases a lot of diverse content to fit everyone’s interests, and is worth considering for your organization’s marketing. Different types of content tend to be more popular than others. Let’s look at what they are so you can apply them to your organization’s Instagram account!

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