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12 ways to improve your SEO

If you want to make it easy for people to do business with you, you must make it easy to find you online. SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is a huge part of that.

SEO is all about how and where you show up in search engines. And Google is, by far, the most popular search engine out there. So in general, you should focus on showing up better in Google.

But if you’re just starting out, SEO can feel overwhelming! What should you do first? What are some of the quickest wins?

Let’s look at a healthy strategy for SEO. Then we’ll look at 12 tools and tactics you can use to help improve your SEO.

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Does it matter where you buy your domain name?

Buying a domain name can be exciting, frustrating, or even both. You have to consider whether you want a .com or something else, deal with your first choice being taken, and at the end, you’re finally the proud owner of your own real estate on the web. Well, you will be once you get a website created for the domain name. But does it matter where you purchase it? Where is the best place to buy your domain name?

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WordPress security plugins

If you don’t take some security precautions on your website, you should consider adding some. You can never be too careful when it comes to your online presence. Let’s look specifically at WordPress and its security plugins, which include both free and paid options.

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T&S honored as #1 social media agency in Oklahoma

A couple of months ago we were honored with a Premier WordPress Web Designer award, and just a few months into 2021 we’ve been featured for our social media work.

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LinkedIn Company Page best practices

Marketing your company on social media can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many options out there. How can you tell where you should be investing your time? If you haven’t considered utilizing LinkedIn to promote your organization, you should. Whether your company is B2B—business-to-business—or part of your target market just includes white-collar high-income earners, it may be worth investing time and resources into the more professional community website.

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How to use Mailchimp for email marketing

Is Mailchimp easy to use? Most of our clients think so. While many of our clients have us manage all their email marketing, others just have us help them with the initial setup, and then they take care of the ongoing work themselves.
 If you’re a DIYer, how do you actually use Mailchimp for email marketing?

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Redesigning a website without losing SEO

For most organizations, it’s essential to be findable in Google and other search engines. That means SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is necessary for digital marketing. And while there are many ways to improve your website’s SEO, sometimes you need a new website even if your website already ranks well in search engine results.

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Can SEO be guaranteed?

Digital marketing is a proven way to promote your organization in the modern world. Nevertheless, many business owners are cautious about investing search engine optimization—SEO—because they have no experience with it.Can SEO be guaranteed? Let’s take a look at what you can expect from search engine marketing.

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10 ways to integrate social media into your website

While your website is a great way to inform your target audience about your organization, social media is a great way to interact with them. So integrating your social media into your website just makes sense! It provides an easy way for people to know that you are staying up to date with social platforms and lets them easily engage and interact with you and your organization.

But what does integrating social media into your website really mean? Here are ten different ways to do just that.

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How to use LinkedIn for marketing

If LinkedIn is a good fit for your organization’s goals, it can be a great marketing tool. I often talk to people at businesses and nonprofits who think they should be spending more time on LinkedIn, but don’t know that to do. Here are 40 things you can do to use LinkedIn for marketing.

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