Case Studies

Learn how our team has helped a variety of clients throughout the years. Read about the issues they were dealing with when we started working with them, and how we helped them overcome those problems.

Client since 2009

In Oklahoma City, Land Enterprises Roofing is owned by Brian and Kirsten Land. Brian grew up in the Oklahoma City area, and Kirsten moved to Oklahoma her sophomore year in high school. Brian founded the company in 1986, so he's outlasted plenty of other roofers.

Client since 2004

David Romero had worked with the church in Nicaragua in various ways for years. Back in 2004, he was living there as a full time missionary, and had worked with T&S to create and maintain a website for the work. Then in 2010, he worked with an organization and again pulled T&S in to create a website.

Client since 2013

When Laura Gamble came to us in 2013, she was in a painful situation. As the executive director of the nonprofit Family Builders, she knew that accurate and up-to-date information on their website was essential. However, her team was unable to make any changes to the website, including the tech-savvy interns.

Client since 2014

Marcus Evans is a firefighter in Oklahoma City who has also run a local roofing company since 1998. He's built up a great reputation over the years, but in 2014 decided he wanted to take it to the next level.

Client since 2012

Paula Geisinger is the owner of Geisinger Consulting, a bookkeeping firm in Oklahoma City. When she first came to us, she already had some of her marketing materials. She had a logo, a business card, and even a domain name she was using for a limited amount of emailing.

Client since 2011

Mike Crandall, owner of Sandler Training of Oklahoma, was struggling. He believed that digital marketing could support his sales process. However, he was attempting to keep up with his company's social media accounts, email newsletter, and blog, and was failing.

Client since 2015

Jennifer Takagi, owner of Takagi Consulting in OKC, specializes in leadership development and communication training. But when it came to her own online communication, she was starting to get a bit frustrated.

Client since 2013

When Tim Turner and Athena Captain from Turner & Son Homes first met with us, they were a bit irritated. They were already working with a digital marketing company. Unfortunately, that company had made things unnecessarily complicated.

Client since 2009

The mission of Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma is to improve the lives of people with diabetes and to reduce the risk of diabetes complications. They fulfill that mission through summer camps for kids who have type 1 diabetes, training and educational programs, and sharing of resources.

Client Since 2015

Tracey Cheek had worked with our team at T&S before, but now she was running her own marketing consultancy firm, TLC Marketing.  With over 20 years of experience owning, operating, and marketing her own businesses, she'd decided to branch out and start sharing that expertise with others.