David Romero – The Way Foundation

Client since 2004

I’ve worked with Tim’s team at T&S several times over the years. When it came time to create a website for The Way Foundation, using them again was a no-brainer.

While I’ve personally had good experiences with them, I also like that they’re used to working with nonprofits. Holly did a fantastic job of listening to what we wanted. The website looks great, and it really does a good job of communicating what we want to say.

And now that the website has been up and running for a while, I know that if I need help with anything, T&S is just a phone call or an email away.

David Romero The Way Foundation February 13, 2017

David Romero had worked with the church in Nicaragua in various ways for years. Back in 2004, he was living there as a full time missionary, and had worked with T&S to create and maintain a website for the work. Then in 2010, he worked with an organization and again pulled T&S in to create a website.

So In 2010, when he started working with a team to start a new nonprofit, he thought of T&S once more.

David and his team believe that long-term solutions can be achieved in Nicaragua by investing in spiritual guidance, education, and employment opportunities. And the time to do that was when the Nicaraguans were young and eligible to go to school.

However, the communication side of their new nonprofit needed work. David and his team wanted a way to easily provide information for current and potential sponsors of students. They also wanted to communicate information with those in Nicaragua.

David knew that visually, he wanted a simple, attractive, colorful look and feel to the website. He wanted to draw inspiration for the color scheme from the coat of arms on the Nicaraguan flag.

For David, using a company other than T&S just wasn’t an option. He’d had good experiences working with their team in the past, and had become good friends with T&S owner Tim Priebe.

Our team met with David and put together a plan. We talked with him about what the website needed to communicate, as well as the intended audience. David shared what he had in mind visually, then our team jumped into action.

A couple weeks later, we had the first version ready for David to look at. We went through the revision process with him and his team, and a few weeks later the website launched.