Jennifer Takagi – Takagi Consulting

Client since 2015

When I first started working on my website, I was using a build-it-yourself solution, and boy was that frustrating! I reached out to Tim at T&S, and quickly became comfortable with the expertise that he and his team brought to the table.

I’d been wasting a lot of time and energy trying to put the site together on my own, so I immediately felt a sense of relief working with Tim and Holly. They did a great job of walking me through all the decisions that had to be made. And I was very pleased when I announced to my email list that my new and improved website had been launched!

Since then, I’ve continued to receive support from the team at T&S. They continue to review my site and make recommendations for improvement. It’s good to know that even after the site launches, they’re still available for help when needed.

February 13, 2017

Jennifer Takagi, owner of Takagi Consulting in OKC, specializes in leadership development and communication training. But when it came to her own online communication, she was starting to get a bit frustrated.

Specifically, Jennifer had been working on setting up her website on her own. She was using a build-it-yourself website builder, and it was proving to be a challenge. She had put together quite a bit of information, but trying to get that information into the website builder was proving to be an exercise in futility.

Primarily, Jennifer wanted her website to validate her company in the mind of prospective clients. She knew a professional looking website with good content would do just that.

She was aware that if she continued on the path she was going, she would waste even more time and energy. And in the end, she would have a website that did not convey the professional image she wanted.

She knew it was time to seek out a team of experts! She reached out to one of the local technology centers, and they recommended our team at T&S Online Marketing.

When we met with Jennifer, we took a look at what she had so far. We went through the website with her, and discussed the information she'd already assembled. After reviewing all of that, we worked together to create a plan for the new website.

As part of that plan, Jennifer had us interview her to create the website's content. For her, that reduced the overall amount of work she would need to put in initially, allowing her to rely more on our online marketing expertise.