Kim Boaz-Wilson – Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma

Client since 2009

The folks at T&S help make the resources we offer readily available to anyone who wants to find us online. I would definitely recommend them for people who are busy but want to make sure their organization has a good online presence.

They keep our newsletter and our website running smoothly—which is great because that means I don't have to find the time to troubleshoot problems with either of them! And they make sure our newsletters are full of useful information for the kids and families we serve. They help me get good resources out to the people who need them.

Kim Boaz-Wilson Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma January 25, 2017

The mission of Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma is to improve the lives of people with diabetes and to reduce the risk of diabetes complications. They fulfill that mission through summer camps for kids who have type 1 diabetes, training and educational programs, and sharing of resources.

When we first met with executive director Kim Boaz-Wilson, she didn't think their website was helping. Specifically, they were having trouble updating their existing website, which meant they weren't able to use it to fulfill their mission.

Kim knew she wanted the nonprofit to have a good online presence. But what they had wasn't cutting it! If they didn't change, they would not be fulfilling their mission as well as they could.

When we met with Kim, we came up with a plan for taking their online presence to the next level. And rather than a "pie in the sky" plans that are so often created for nonprofits pro bono, we came up with a plan that was actually achievable using their resources.

We created a new website that was much easier for them to update, and provided training on how to update it. Over time, we added capabilities and provided additional training.

Over the years we've worked together, we actually redesigned their website again, added online payment capabilities, and helped them start and maintain an email newsletter and blog.