Laura Gamble – Family Builders

Client since 2013

We've worked with T&S for a few years and have consistently been happy with their service. Their customer service is friendly and reliable, and they're open to explaining a technical situation with as much or as little detail as I want.

The T&S team makes sure our online presence is professional and helpful. They help us communicate the stories of our clients and our work with families in a moving, respectful way.

Laura Gamble Family Builders August 3, 2016

When Laura Gamble came to us in 2013, she was in a painful situation. As the executive director of the nonprofit Family Builders, she knew that accurate and up-to-date information on their website was essential. However, her team was unable to make any changes to the website, including the tech-savvy interns.

Laura also wanted capabilities they didn’t currently have. She wanted people to be able to donate and register for events directly on the website. At the time, they were using a third-party event registration system. Not only did that make it more confusing for people when registering, but Family Builders didn’t receive the money until after the event was over.

Finally, Laura wanted to establish a better line of ongoing communication with potential donors. While she and her team didn’t know what that would look like, they believed that online marketing would provide the most cost-effective options.

All of those problems were causing lost revenue! As anyone involved in a nonprofit knows, lost revenue means less money that can go toward the actual mission of the organization.

Working with Laura and her team, we created a professional, engaging website. We built it on a platform that made it easy for them to keep up-to-date, whether they were tech-savvy or not. And just to be safe, we also provided training on how to update the website.

For better ongoing communication, we set them up on MailChimp and designed an email newsletter. We also updated their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Laura enjoyed working with us enough that after we set all that up, she decided to have us manage it on an ongoing basis. We provide Family Builders with website management, social media management, email newsletter management, and blogging services.