Marcus Evans – Evans Roofing

Client since 2014

I love working with T&S! From the first time I talked with them, they were different. Instead of trying to sell me on themselves, they asked questions to make sure we wouldn’t be a bad fit for each other.

In the years since then, I’ve continued to trust T&S’s expertise, and my company looks professional online as a result. I have no desire to update my own website, and T&S does a great job of taking care of all that for me.

They also do a great job of managing my social media, especially Facebook. I’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars in business that I can track directly back to what they’re doing for me on social media.

Marcus Evans Evans Roofing January 25, 2017

Marcus Evans is a firefighter in Oklahoma City who has also run a local roofing company since 1998. He's built up a great reputation over the years, but in 2014 decided he wanted to take it to the next level.

At that point, Evans Roofing didn't have any sort of official online presence. There was no website and there was no social media. When people referred others to him, they assumed they would be able to search online and find him. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Without a website, people were assuming that he wasn't a local company and they were finding inaccurate information out there.

Marcus also knew that people were talking about his company on Facebook, because his team had shown him. While he had no interest in being involved in Facebook on a personal level, he knew that his business needed to be on social media.

As it was, he was losing potential business due to not having any online presence. And he knew he would continue to lose business if he didn't get his company online, engaged, and looking professional.

First, our team worked with Marcus to create a website that could be found online, that looked professional, and that legitimized his business. We made sure the website was set up well from a search engine (SEO) standpoint, so that people being referred to him could easily find accurate information about Evans Roofing.

We also created a social media presence for Marcus. We set up accounts and pages for his company on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. And in the years since we created them, we've also provided social media management on an ongoing basis so he doesn't have to worry about it.

Marcus tells us on an ongoing basis how much he enjoys working with us.