Mike Crandall – Sandler Training of Oklahoma

Client since 2011

Using T&S to manage our online marketing is a great investment - not only does it save us many hours every month, it also allows us to ensure we have the online presence that is so essential in today's business environment. They make the process simple and easy - we spend just a few minutes reviewing the plan each month, and T&S takes care of the rest.

We love working with them and the way they make it easy. Highly recommend their service and working with them.

Mike Crandall Sandler Training of Oklahoma City February 20, 2016

Mike Crandall, owner of Sandler Training of Oklahoma, was struggling. He believed that digital marketing could support his sales process. However, he was attempting to keep up with his company's social media accounts, email newsletter, and blog, and was failing.

As a part of a larger organization, Mike had access to a lot of literature. Sandler had plenty of books with excellent content, but he didn't have the time or energy needed to turn that into an Internet-friendly format.

Mike wanted to put out an email newsletter on a regular basis for his clients and prospective clients, but the platform he was using was painful. In addition to the interface being a challenge, he was at a loss as to what kind of content to distribute each week.

On social media, Mike wasn't getting the reach he knew he could have. His company profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and elsewhere were not consistent in look and feel. And some weeks he would post plenty of content, while other weeks there would be none.

His online marketing was not supporting his sales process like he wanted it to! He was struggling with effectively using the various platforms, and was wasting a lot of energy. He wasn't looking good to his prospects online, and he knew it.

When Mike came to us, we started by learning all about his business. Later, Mike shared that was something he valued in T&S. We knew enough about his business to know what tactics and strategies would be useful, and what wouldn't.

To solve the consistency issue, we created one uniform look across all of his marketing platforms. We also created a schedule for regularly published content. We utilized the material provided by corporate, as well as content Mike was already creating that he didn't realize could be used online.

Eventually, we expanded to be the entire marketing and design department for Sandler Training of Oklahoma. We helped with many other things including video creation, business cards, flyers, letterhead, and plenty more.

Now Mike is constantly using his marketing to support his sales process, and it works! In fact, Mike has referred over a dozen clients to us, which we greatly appreciate!