Paula Geisinger – Geisinger Consulting

Client since 2012

T&S Online Marketing took my sketchy ideas and turned them into a website that is very professional, easy to navigate, and conveys the message I wanted. They’ve also done a great job working with me on an ongoing basis with my social media, email newsletter, and blog, in order to visibly demonstrate my expertise online.

The team at T&S is a delight to work with; not only are they a fun bunch of people but they all provide, at the highest level, ongoing support and customer service.

Paula Geisinger Geisinger Consulting January 21, 2016

Paula Geisinger is the owner of Geisinger Consulting, a bookkeeping firm in Oklahoma City. When she first came to us, she already had some of her marketing materials. She had a logo, a business card, and even a domain name she was using for a limited amount of emailing.

But Paula wanted people to take her business seriously, and she wanted to be perceived as the expert she was. She believed that not having a website would make some people assume she didn't take her own business seriously. And if she didn't take her own business seriously, how seriously would she take their business?

Paula wanted her website to have a classic, stable, reliable feel, without looking like a financial website.

Given her target market of other business owners, she knew that a LinkedIn presence was important, as well as a presence on other social media platforms. She had made very limited use of social media in the past, at least from a business standpoint.

Paula knew she needed to have more of a presence online in order to be taken seriously. She needed people to be able to find her online, and perceive her as an expert once they had found her. Otherwise, they wouldn't hire her, and that would mean thousands of dollars in lost business every year.

We started out by working with Paula to create a professional looking website with a classic, stable, reliable feel. It conveyed the message she wanted while not looking like so many other financial websites.

Next, we helped set Paula up on all the major social media platforms, and optimized her presence on the platforms she was already on. We also set up an email newsletter so she could stay in contact with clients and prospective clients on an ongoing basis.

Finally, we continue to work with Paula on an ongoing basis to help her demonstrate her expertise online. We meet with Paula on a regular basis to interview her, then turn those interviews into blogs, email newsletters, and social media updates.