Tim Turner – Turner & Son Homes

Client since 2013

When Tim Turner and Athena Captain from Turner & Son Homes first met with us, they were a bit irritated. They were already working with a digital marketing company. Unfortunately, that company had made things unnecessarily complicated.

When they first spoke with our team, they were looking for a higher level of attention to detail, and they didn't want to be nickel and dimed. While they believed an online presence was necessary for their organization, they weren't clear on what value they were getting with their current provider.

To complicate things, they were starting major changes in their business, which meant they would be able to pay less attention to their marketing. Before that happened, they needed to find a partner that they were much more comfortable with. They needed someone who would even tell them when a particular approach would be a waste of money.

Working initially with Athena, we started out by creating a plan for their ongoing online marketing. Focusing on the long term picture, we initially didn't even do much with their website, instead concentrating on consistent online activity in focused areas.

Specifically, we began to blog and post content on social media on a regular basis. We also built in some flexibility so we wouldn't need to charge them every time something extra was needed.

Over time, we shifted to working directly with owner Tim Turner. Our work together grew as their business continued to change. As our trust in each other increased, we experimented with different tactics and strategies, adjusting our ongoing arrangement to fit.

Eventually, taking into account the changes in their business, we even created a new website.