The Pixel Pushers at T&S love working with our friends in the press! You can find some mentions of us in the press below. And if you're a member of the media, feel free to use the resources on this page, or reach out to get in touch.

Recent Press

Chloe Gee

Chloé Gee Honored

Chloé Gee was honored in The Business Times as one of the Top 20 under Forty in Edmond.

Press Resources

Our Name

T&S Online Marketing has no spaces before or after the ampersand. And we always use an ampersand, so it's "T&S Online Marketing," not "T and S Online Marketing," and definitely not "T & S Online Marketing."

In articles, feel free to use just "T&S," but only after you've mentioned our full name at least once.

Our Logo

You can either use our logo in full color, or completely white. It should always include the "T&S," the "Online Marketing," and the "TM"

Our Team

We love our team! For official bios and photos you can steal for any of our team, visit our the Who We Are section of our website. If you need more official sounding bios, feel free to contact us.

Our Mascot

Named in an online contest, Pixel is our official robot mascot. He has an official rocket he's often seen with, a wife named Vectoria, and kids named Voxel and Bitmap.

Our Company

Here's an official succinct write-up of our company you can feel free to use:

T&S Online Marketing is a digital company in the OKC area. They help with websites, social media, email newsletters, blogging, search engine optimization, and online video. They take their work seriously, but don't take themselves too seriously. They also believe in giving back, often through volunteering for local nonprofits.

Please Don't...

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