Online marketing check-up


how well your website is set up from a technical and search engine standpoint?


how well you're doing on social media?
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If you’re concerned that you’re not making the most of your company’s website and social media, we can help. We will take a look at your website and social media, evaluate it with objective tools, then sit down with you to offer our expert advice and guidance.

Let’s match your expertise with ours so that your organization’s online presence is accurate and appealing!

Choose from a Website Audit, a Social Media Audit, or combine both to really see how you're doing with your digital marketing.

Website Audit

Our website audit evaluates your website from a technical standpoint. This affects how well it functions, how quickly it loads, and where it ends up in the search engine results.

The website audit includes the following:

  • Website Audit report
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Online marketing book

Social Media Audit

Our social media audit evaluates your consistency, audience, and engagement on social media and compares how well you're doing to other organizations.

The social media audit includes the following:

  • Social Media Audit report
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Online marketing book

Why not both?

Combine our website audit and social media audit to get a better picture of how you're with your digital marketing overall.

Our combined Online Marketing Check-Up includes:

  • Website Audit report
  • Social Media Audit report
  • 1.5 hour consultation
  • Online marketing books