Online Videos


you’re missing out by not utilizing videos in your digital marketing?


that you can’t afford ongoing video marketing?

Online videos are here to stay.

Are you utilizing professional online videos as a part of your digital marketing? If you want videos that don’t look like they were created on a smart phone, but also don’t cost an arm and a leg, find out how we may be able to help.

Find out how we help businesses and nonprofits with their online videos here!

Ongoing Premium

Our premium videos (typically 1-5 minutes long) can be shot at your location and include B-roll footage, as well as the option for additional post-production work and/or assistance with creating your scripts.

Ongoing Standard

Our standard videos can help you demonstrate your expertise and build trust on an ongoing basis. These videos are shot on a colored background in-studio and run between 1-5 minutes long.

One-Off Videos

Need a one-time video created? We’ll work with you to film the video and can provide other services like script writing and video editing. We can also help you get the video on your website and social media platforms.

Video Examples

What people are saying…

Using T&S to manage our online marketing is a great investment - not only does it save us many hours every month, it also allows us to ensure we have the online presence that is so essential in today's business environment. They make the process simple and easy - we spend just a few minutes reviewing the plan each month, and T&S takes care of the rest.

We love working with them and the way they make it easy. Highly recommend their service and working with them.

Mike Crandall Sandler Training of Oklahoma City February 20, 2016

I knew Tim for years, and we'd even shared some clients and done some minor work together. When it came time to take my online presence to the next level, I knew I wanted to work with his company.

I met with Tim and his team and shared what I liked and didn't like about my current website. They worked hard and were very patient with me through multiple revisions to the website. I enjoyed working with them so much that in the middle of creating the website, I also engaged with them to meet with my clients and make some testimonial videos. And since they've managed the website, I've been impressed with not only the changes they've made but also how they've worked with me to tweak things on the site to get the best results.

I have so much confidence in them that I've shared Tim's contact info with my entire mailing list, specifically for anyone needing help with website and WordPress security.

Chris Moroz YourIT May 3, 2022

Tim Priebe and the staff at T&S Online Marketing have helped to remove some of the mystique from online marketing. We have been urged by our peers for years to implement more of an online marketing approach and phase out traditional marketing. In my dealings with several marketing agencies around town, none seemed interested in helping to forge a strategy. Without a clear strategy and end game for your marketing efforts, you may be spitting into the wind with your time, energy and money.

There are a lot of defenses raised from small business owners when dealing with people in the marketing industry. T&S Online Marketing helped bring those defenses down so a real conversation could be had about what frustrated us about online marketing.

If you share our frustrations with the industry, but see value in online marketing, I would highly recommend reaching out to them for a discussion.

Josh Morphew Baxter Electric, Heating & Air Conditioning February 22, 2016

T&S Online Marketing took my sketchy ideas and turned them into a website that is very professional, easy to navigate, and conveys the message I wanted. They’ve also done a great job working with me on an ongoing basis with my social media, email newsletter, and blog, in order to visibly demonstrate my expertise online.

The team at T&S is a delight to work with; not only are they a fun bunch of people but they all provide, at the highest level, ongoing support and customer service.

Paula Geisinger Geisinger Consulting January 21, 2016