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Should your organization be on Google+? The short answer: If search engine rankings are important to you, yes. For the longer answer, read these articles!

20 Awesome Google+ Covers

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Google Plus Pages just became more powerful!

Okay, I admit it. I ripped off my headline from an article I wrote last month on LinkedIn Pages being added to HootSuite. Rightfully so, because the same thing has now happened with Google Plus. That’s right, Google Plus just became a much more powerful tool, because you can now pre-schedule your updates in HootSuite along with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Do you need to be on Google+?

If you’re a small business and are at all aware of the social media world, you’ve probably heard of Google Plus. The latest big-name newcomer to social media, Google’s social network is growing quickly. Since its traffic is not yet even close to Facebook’s, many small business owners are asking the question: “Do I really need to be on Google Plus?”

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