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Instagram combines the power of photos, graphics, social media, and love. Well, hearts at least. But can you use it for your organization? Read on to find out!

Sharing company culture through Instagram

We often tell people that they probably don’t need to be on every social media platform possible, and we do practice what we preach! Up until recently, we hadn’t been using Instagram as an organization. It just didn’t seem to be one of the platforms where we’d get the most bang for our buck.

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How to use Instagram for business

For a lot of people, the value of Instagram isn’t as immediately clear as platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re thinking of something like selfie photos, that’s not surprising. But when used the right way, Instagram is an effective way of reaching your audience where they’re at every day, sharing and viewing photos. So how are organizations using Instagram for business purposes?

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7 lessons from Oreo on Instagram

We can learn a lot about online marketing by observing the habits and strategies of other businesses: what works, what doesn’t work, what encourages engagement, and more. The cookie masters at Oreo have a very active, engaged, and hungry audience. Even if you’re not a cookie connoisseur, there’s still a lot that we can learn from their strategies on Instagram.

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How to make your website social

If you’re like many others, your website was created several years ago. And now you may have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and others. So how can you integrate your social efforts into your website?

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Online photo sharing platforms

It can be difficult to determine where you should display your photos online. A good first step is to review the different options that are out there. While this is certainly not a complete list, here are some of the more popular places to display and share your photos online.

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