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LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, especially if your target market is professionals, or other businesses. Here are some tips, tricks, and overall strategy about LinkedIn.

How to use LinkedIn for marketing

If LinkedIn is a good fit for your organization’s goals, it can be a great marketing tool. I often talk to people at businesses and nonprofits who think they should be spending more time on LinkedIn, but don’t know that to do. Here are 40 things you can do to use LinkedIn for marketing.

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Can a business join LinkedIn?

If you’ve used LinkedIn for any time, chances are pretty good that you’re familiar with your LinkedIn profile. People who sign up for a LinkedIn account get a profile that shows their profile photo, background photo, summary, work history, and more. But that’s really set up for individuals, not businesses. Can a company or nonprofit join LinkedIn?

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A system to use LinkedIn for business development

Maybe you have thought to yourself, “Self, I should really be doing more on LinkedIn, but I have no clue how I can get more business using it.” If so, you’re not alone! I frequently talk to business owners and salespeople who have heard about other people having success on LinkedIn, but don’t know how to get started themselves. We’ll dive into a system to use LinkedIn for business development here in a moment, but first let’s answer this question: Should you even be using LinkedIn?

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More free LinkedIn background images

LinkedIn is great for people wanting to create and grow their professional network. It’s important to put some time into your LinkedIn profile—and Company Page—if you really want to make utilize it. And a huge part of that is your LinkedIn cover photo—also known as your background image.

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20 more LinkedIn resources

It may be hard to believe, but LinkedIn started way back in 2003, the same year we launched T&S Online Marketing! If you’re in the B2B space, then you probably already know LinkedIn is a must. Not only should you have a profile for your personal presence there, but you also need a Company Page as well. But if you’re like many people I talk with…

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A system for LinkedIn Company Page followers and leads

If your target market or ideal client includes white collar workers, CEOs, business owners, or those in HR, then you should probably be utilizing LinkedIn. There are a million resources out there for individuals to utilize LinkedIn, but it’s different when it comes to your LinkedIn Company Page.

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Improve your organization’s presence on LinkedIn

If your organization provides professional services, it can benefit you to look good on LinkedIn. The platform definitely skews toward the professional services industry, but even if you’re in another industry, it can still be a great tool.

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Share your WordPress blogs with Hootsuite

WordPress, Hootsuite, and I have a love-hate relationship. But recently, when our solution for automatically sharing new WordPress blog articles on social media failed, I turned to Hootsuite to help me out.

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Instant messaging on LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn made some pretty major changes to how messages can work on their platform. Among other things, they added some features that let messages function more like instant messaging, similar to Facebook.

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Outperform 51% of LinkedIn members in an afternoon

LinkedIn is a platform where a lot of people feel like they “should” have a presence, but don’t really know what it should look like or what the actual purpose is.

Sound familiar? That’s okay.

LinkedIn is useful if you’re building a professional network, maintaining connections, looking for a job, or want to be seen as an industry expert.

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