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How you think about marketing can make a difference. If you need to shift your digital marketing mindset, these are the articles for you!

Quit clowning around on social media

Too often, people are put in charge of their organization’s social media just because they use it on a personal basis. That can be dangerous! Clowning around is fine for personal use, but not for your organization’s social media management.

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What skydiving can teach us about online marketing

When marketing yourself or your organization online, one of your goals should be to build up trust with others. After all, people do business with those they know, like, trust, and value. But how can you do that online?

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10 online marketing strategies

With all the options for online marketing, it can feel overwhelming. If it’s not your full time job, it’s easy to think you’re okay having a website and maybe even updating social media or sending out an email when you have time. It’s easy to lose track of the big picture and not be consistent! Here are ten strategies you can use to make the most of your online marketing.

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5 big website mistakes

It’s fairly common knowledge that a website is necessary for just about every organization. But if you do have a website, it needs to be more than just an attractive online brochure. Are you making any of the following five mistakes with your website?

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Make website action easy

Do you know what the primary goal for your website is? What action do you want visitors to do? Not everyone knows the answer to those questions. But even if you do know the answer, ask yourself this: How easy is it for people to take that action?

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How to identify your target online audience

Having an online audience is key to your marketing being effective. But before you can begin thinking about how to grow it, you need to figure out who is in that audience. Who would be interested in your services? Or in supporting you and your business? Let’s take a look at how to identify your online audience.

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6 signs your web designer stinks!

Picking a web design company can feel like an overwhelming task. You may have a lot riding on your investment. Without technical and marketing expertise, it can be difficult to know whether you’re making a good choice. Here are six warning signs you may be picking the wrong web designer.

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How to start using online marketing statistics

Online statistics can be overwhelming! Many things can be measured when it comes to your website, Facebook page, email newsletter, or any other number of services. You may have a vague idea of what you need to be looking at, or you may not. You’re not alone! You need to start by setting an online marketing goal that ties directly back to a business need. Then, you can establish relevant benchmarks to measure that show progress toward that goal. So what does that look like?

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Avoid online marketing overload

If you’re just getting started marketing your organization online, all the options out there can get overwhelming. There are a lot of tools and options available. It can be challenging to even wrap your mind around it all!

I’ve organized a lot of the options out there into eight different tools and strategies. Although there’s a lot of overlap, this should help you understand what various online marketing options are out there.

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Consistency online equals trust

One of the primary goals when marketing online is to get people to know, like, trust, and value you. Because that’s what it takes for people to do business with you, or so the saying goes. But one of the more challenging aspects of that is the trust factor. How can you get people to trust you online?

The key is consistency.

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