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We love nonprofits! Here are the articles we’ve written about how much we love nonprofits, and sometimes the specific ones we love.

50 nonprofit digital marketing ideas

We’ve mentioned it before, but we love nonprofits here at T&S! We’ve been working with them ever since it was just Tim and I running things. We like volunteering at nonprofits, we like donating auction items to nonprofits, and some of our team has even served on multiple nonprofit boards. Of course, the way we’ve helped nonprofits the longest is by working with them on their digital marketing. So without further ado, here are 50 ideas for nonprofit digital marketing that work!

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Picking a nonprofit marketing consultant

Here at T&S, we love nonprofits. If you follow us on social media like Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen us share news from our nonprofit friends, photos from when we volunteer, and even launches of nonprofit websites.

It’s true, we love working with nonprofits! But we know we’re not a good fit for every nonprofit. If you help or run a nonprofit and are looking for some marketing help, here are four questions to ask yourself as you’re talking with potential consultants and agencies.

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Pay-what-you-can digital marketing for nonprofits

Back in late 2008, I decided I really liked nonprofits. Immediately, I started planning a year of website giveaways. Each month in 2009, we gave away a website to a nonprofit. And we started working with several nonprofits that we continue to work with today, including Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma, Teen emPower, and The Kids’ Place. Around the same time…

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How to vet nonprofit marketing consultants

At T&S, we have worked with a lot of nonprofits. Probably because I’m known as a bleeding heart who really loves helping nonprofits, especially those who fall into the social services category.

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OKC nonprofits rock!

I love nonprofits! Specifically, I’m a bit of a bleeding heart when it comes to social service nonprofits. Seriously. Tell me the mission of your nonprofit, and before too long I’ll cut you off with, “You had me at nonprofit.” I’ve volunteered, served on boards, contributed to auctions… The list goes on. Since I was crazy enough to…

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