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Podcasting can be powerful in the right situations. Do you listen to podcasts? Do you want your target market to listen to you? Check out these articles.

OOMPHcast #34: Darrell Darnell – Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business

In episode 34 of OOMPHcast, Tim is joined by Darrell Darnell, owner of Pro Podcast Solutions. Darrell first discovered podcasts when searching for other fans of the TV show LOST. He then began calling in to podcasts and then started hosting his own podcasts. After Darrell started receiving requests from other podcasters seeking help to get the quality sound that his podcasts had, he decided to go into business for himself and created Pro Podcast Solutions. Pro Podcast Solutions now helps podcasters all over the US and Canada with audio production, show notes, transcription, and more.

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OOMPHcast #22: Patrick Allmond – Marketing with a podcast

Our guest for episode 22 was Patrick Allmond, the owner of Focus Digital Marketing Agency. Patrick shared all sorts of tips for podcasting, including how to tell if podcasting is a good fit for you, as well as how you can get started.

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