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Social media can be a powerful tool for online marketing. But how can you make the best use of them for your business or nonprofit? Check out these articles to find out.

Should your organization use Instagram or Snapchat?

Snapchat and Instagram have become popular social media platforms to not only connect with others but for organizations to promote themselves. Though they are both great platforms for organizations to use, they have different capabilities. So, when should your organization use them? What’s the difference between Snapchat and Instagram?

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10 ways to integrate social media into your website

While your website is a great way to inform your target audience about your organization, social media is a great way to interact with them. So integrating your social media into your website just makes sense! It provides an easy way for people to know that you are staying up to date with social platforms and lets them easily engage and interact with you and your organization.

But what does integrating social media into your website really mean? Here are ten different ways to do just that.

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The most popular content on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites that allows you to share photos, stories, and videos with other users. It showcases a lot of diverse content to fit everyone’s interests, and is worth considering for your organization’s marketing. Different types of content tend to be more popular than others. Let’s look at what they are so you can apply them to your organization’s Instagram account!

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Animated GIFs in Mailchimp, Facebook, and WordPress!

Animated GIFs are great, right? Whether you are using Facebook, Mailchimp, WordPress, or any social website, you can add a fun, personal touch to your writing by inserting a GIF. While animated GIFs have been around since the late 90s—remember those cheesy “website under construction” GIFs?—they’ve seen a resurgence in recent years.

Let’s look at how GIFs have come back, how to insert them, where to find free ones, how to make your own, and more.

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Do nonprofits need social media?

Does your nonprofit need social media accounts? Nonprofits require volunteers, donors, ambassadors, and public outreach in order to function. Social media would make sense for your organization if you want to dedicate time and energy to driving engagement, increasing website traffic, and generally increasing communication and exposure through an online social network. The question then becomes: How should nonprofits use social media?

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25 Facebook cover photos for businesses

If you want your organization’s Facebook page to look professional, a good looking cover photo is essential. While not everyone will judge you based on how professional your cover photo is, some will. And you want your cover photo—and profile image—to inspire feelings of trust. So how do you do that?

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How to market on Pinterest – Infographic

As a graphic designer, I probably use Pinterest more than the average male. I find myself creating boards and looking for inspiration for web design, logo creation, print design, and loads of other design projects almost every day. But did you know 40% of Pinterest users are men? Your ideal client may spend more time on Pinterest than you realize.

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How to make picture quotes on Instagram

You’ve probably seen those good looking pictures with text over them on Instagram, or another social media platform. Something with an inspirational quote, promotional message, or even something funny over the top of a good looking photo can help you connect with your audience. But maybe, like me, you’ve thought, “I’m not a graphic designer. How can I make something like that?” I have great news! There is an easy-to-use tool that can help.

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How to add Facebook to your Gmail signature

Ever looked at someone’s email signature and wonder how they linked to their business’s social media page? Fortunately, if you use Gmail or Gsuite for your email, that’s practically built in! You can easily link to your Facebook profile, your Facebook Page, or any other social media platform you have a presence on.

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Pinterest vs. Snapchat

Confession time. I love Snapchat. But I might love Pinterest more. If visual social media makes sense for your organization, you may wonder which of the two would be a better fit for your marketing strategy. While Pinterest has more than 335 million users every month, Snapchat isn’t too shabby with 210 million active daily users. So, which one is the best fit for you?

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