Kyle Golding

July 2, 2021

We were working on a less than typical project for a non-technical client, and (to put it bluntly) I screwed up a bunch of things. I had messed it up beyond my ability to fix it, so I called my go-to guy Tim at T&S. Even though the problem was all of my own doing, Tim dropped what he was working on to help me. We talked through the problems, Tim identified the technical issues that evaded me and put a rescue plan in place. Tim could have easily told me to wait until he had free time, but he knows how fast a down website would harm my client. Tim went right to work fixing the problem, communicated with me all day long and worked well past 5:00pm to get all of my mistakes fixed and the site back online. His dedication to doing what’s right and what’s best for the client is irreplaceable. Highly recommend!