Who We Are

Like your online marketing surrounded with an air of mystery? We can’t help you with that. But if you want to get to know the people (a.k.a. Pixel Pushers) behind the great work here at T&S, you’re in the right place!

Tim Priebe

Pretty Cool Boss Man
aka CEO & Owner

I’m the ideas man. I have lost track of how much Superman memorabilia is in my office. I am a kinesthetic learner, which is news to me, but the toys on my desk agree. Don’t make me multi-task, because it will end poorly.

Boldly going where few teenagers were going, I published a Star Trek magazine for several years in middle school and high school. Now I have book-writing fever and publish Edmond Business, but here I focus on creatively solving marketing problems.

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Leann Priebe

Chief of Everything
aka Owner and House Mom

Hi, I’m Leann! I make sure things get done around here. I’ll be glad to take your money. Don’t give it to Tim, he’ll probably lose it. I don’t like cereal or socks. Also, eyes are gross, but necessary.

I’m the one who passes all your great ideas on to the rest of the team. Any Diet Coke Sonic bribes are welcome. I will keep the drink away from my three boys, Joshua, Jackson and Jacob.

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Michela Owen

Wizard of Content
aka Marketing Strategist

Howdy! I'm the gal that turns your growth wishlist into a fully formed marketing plan. I also help craft the content you see on our websites and social media to accomplish the goals you have for your business.

When I'm not plucking away at the keyboard for work, I'm probably doing it for fun! I have way too many hours logged in The Sims, but I wouldn't change a thing. I'm blissfully married to my best friend Josiah, and we are the dutiful caretakers of our spoiled Yorkie, Killer.

Sara Payne

Organizer of Success
aka Project Manager

My job is to ensure you, your team, and our team all get to the correct destination smoothly. My goal is for all of us to succeed. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and finishing is the name of my game. Long story short, I'm here to help us all win.

I've gone from inner city skyscrapers to the Rockies' towering mountains. I have big dreams! I've been an avid dog lover all my life. Thanks to my boyfriend and his two kitty cats, I'm also a cat lover. Did I mention I love to cook as well?

Crystal Oakes

Brand Matchmaker
aka Graphic Designer & Photographer

I'm a dreamer, thinker, and professional problem solver. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and my professional experience includes graphic design, photography, branding, event planning, merchandising, and all things digital marketing, including social media, email marketing, and websites.

I was born and raised in western Oklahoma, then graduated with honors from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor of fine arts in visual communications. When I'm not working on client projects, you can find me cooking, playing with plants, or working on acrylic pour painting projects. I enjoy traveling with my husband, Steven, and I'm constantly covered in dog hair thanks to my two huskies, Kiya and Izzy.

I love working with T&S, but I also work with other organizations through my design agency, Oakes Creative House.

Brent Fuchs

King of Video
aka Photographer & Videographer

I'm an experienced photographer, and not just on my iPhone. I enjoy both creating and watching movies. I know that Star Trek is the superior science fiction franchise starting with the word "Star." I enjoy photography, but also like woodworking, like any real man should.  "Pictures" is not in my professional vocabulary. Also, I have a professional vocabulary.

While my work with T&S is usually for digital marketing, I also do broader commercial photography and videography through Brent Fuchs Photography.

And just so we can avoid any embarrassing situations, my name is pronounced "Fox." I won't be embarrassed, but you might.

A little about T&S

Tim Priebe started T&S Online Marketing in 2003. What started as just a few website design projects here and there grew to become the full-service company we are today. We provide a variety of online marketing services, but most of our clients come to us because they are frustrated with their website, social media management, email newsletter, or blog.

We know there are a lot of options for web design and marketing. While we may not be a fit for everyone, our experience, relationship-focused attitude, and high quality design, programming, and marketing services help our clients achieve success online.

Speed, flexibility, and adaptability are important to us, but so is our attitude toward clients. We’re focused on building trust, empowering clients to make important decisions about their online marketing, and communicating clearly.

In addition to helping our clients look great online, we value having fun and giving back. (Not necessarily in that order!) You might find us volunteering for a day at a nonprofit, or maybe playing a game of Super Mario Bros. We also provide a pay-what-you-can option to smaller nonprofits, and frequently connect them with others who can help them focus on what they do best: helping others.

Our really cool studio